Sunday, October 11, 2009

Church Today

Today started like most Sunday do. Get up, find some breakfast and coffee if your lucky enough to have time and rush out the door to the house of the Lord. I love Sundays. I am always amazed that I walk into church and find myself in the presence of the King of the WHOLE universe! I mean think about that for a second - like REALLY stop to think about that! I have access to God Almighty anytime and anyplace I want to. Today, I was excited to join other believers in worship and be challenged by the Word of God that constantly comes to adjust and change my life. We are currently in a series called The Paramount Family and today was about God's heart towards the single parent homes. It was great. At the end, all of the single parents come forward and the church surged around them to ask first for some practical needs that we, as the church body, could meet and then to pray for and bless them. I prayed for a young mother of 3. When the Bible talks about it being better to give then to receive - it speaks truth (as the Bible always does). The single mother gave us a list of needs with everything on it from her children needing winter coats, a car payment needing made and a need for a day job so she could be home with her children at night. It changed my life to watch the 12 or so of us that had gathered around her dividing up the needs and all coming on board to help her and bless her. I looked around at all the pockets of people meeting both the practical and spiritual needs of the dozens of single parents and thought "Now this is church!"